C Honoring Virtue Hall, Chongde Tang--C.2 interior

Created by: Yung-chang Tung
Collection: Yao Village Still Images


bracket and beam on left side of skywell
bracket of man on deer with peach and attendant maiden
bracket of man on mythical beast
cabinet and altar_ancestral tablets side view
cabinet with spirit tablets, altar, and mural of dragon
close up of bracket - man on deer
close up of bracket of man on deer
coffin and table side view
funeral items on table
interior view towards altar
left hand side of front bay
man on mythical beast; wooden bas relief
paraphernalia on table for funeral
plaque above altar
plaque above entrance
plaque above left side of altar
plaque on rt. side of altar
view of coffin, offering table, incense and kneeling mat
view of offering table in front of altar
view of whole cabinet with spirit tablets
wooden beams in main bay